Grant Application

Grant Application Instructions

Fill out the grant application below and include any supporting documents. If printing and submitting a physical copy, please provide nine copies of your application and keep a copy for your records. Make sure you provide contact information and answer all questions completely.

Please provide ALL of the following with your application:

  • Detailed project budget;
  • Exact location of project (photos, drawings or any other supporting documentation
    may be included);
  • Description of any donated labor or materials;
  • Note of recommendation/support of project from at least three residents
    (preferably those directly affected);
  • Estimate your timeline. Project must be complete within 12 months of funding;
  • If a non-profit organization, please provide names of officers and a copy of state
    and federal tax exemption;

You may use the online submission form below to apply or you may print a PDF version, complete the application and mail it to the address below, drop at the Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove Fire Station, or give to a board member.

Note: The grant process is competitive! Make sure your application is complete and self-explanatory. Check the policies and eligibility guidelines on this website for more information.

Joy Jackson is available to help you complete your application or to answer any questions. Contact her at (760) 419-1821 or

Elfin Forest Community Foundation
20223 Elfin Forest Road
Elfin Forest, CA 92029

Submit your grant application below.

You may also download a PDF version of this application.

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